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Wellness Education:

runnHere at Rehab U, our goal is to provide relevant and useful information to help you live a healthier and full life. Through our regular Blog, we bring to you tips and recent clinical research and how it can impact your overall health and quality of life.


Informational Courses:​ old-vintage-anatomy-charts-human-body-showing-skeletal-system-various-muscles-four-figures-row-different-39432717

We strive to provide high quality online courses ranging from common injuries and treatments to anatomy lectures for students. We offer both free and paid courses and informational products designed to enhance your knowledge on many health related topics and procedures.


Rehab U is in the process of formulating and publishing relevant online continuing education courses for licensed medical professionals such as physical & occupational Therapists. Our goals is provide high quality, yet affordable CEU opportunities, taught by knowledgeable experts in the field. We all understand the importance of continuing professional education, but we don’t feel that you should have to take out a second mortgage to get those CEUs for your license.

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