Free Resources

This page is dedicated to providing a running list of reference websites that bring the best and most current information about wellness, exercise, injury prevention and treatment, and information about common diseases and diagnoses.

General Wellness & Medical Information


National Institutes of Health

Live Strong

Information for Runners

Runners World

Marathon Training Academy

Information About Arthritis

Arthritis Foundation

The Arthritis Foundation website contains a whole host of information and articles pertaining to arthritis: symptoms, causes, treatment options, & how to continue to live a functional and happy life.


Another website that provides exercises and information about arthritis and how to manage it yourself.

Information for Clinicians


Medscape offers resources and information on new clinical research, medical treatments, and clinical education.

Paul Potter PT

Thinking of starting a cash practice? Then check out Paul Potter’s website and podcast. It’s packed with loads of information about the ins and outs of running a cash practice and delivering the best treatment to your patients.