Recommended Products

Recommended Products

On this page, find a list of recommended products related to fitness, health, and rehab. We will try to include product reviews on our Blog from time to time to give you a brief overview of each product and why we recommend them.



Exercise & Fitness Products

     Kinesiology Tape

Kinesio Tex Products:

Rock Tape Products:

KT Tape Products:

     Exercise Bands

     Weighted Balls

     Myofascial Release & Rollers


Splints, Orthotics, & Braces

     Wrist Splints

For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

For Thumb Injuries:

     Elbow Braces & Sleeves

For Tennis Elbow:

Compression Sleeves:

For Cubital Tunnel Syndrome:

Foam Elbow Pads:

     Knee Braces and Sleeves


Clinical Tools

     Pain Management

TENS Units

Topical Pain Relief


     Soft Tissue Tools

Textbooks & Clinical References


     Occupational Therapy

     Physical Therapy

     Clinical Reference (Adult Physical Dysfunction)

Physical Assessment

Upper Extremity

Manual Therapy

Myofascial Release & Trigger Points

Kinesiology Tape Guides